Deborah Pearl Writer/Director/Lyricist/Singer

"Getting Ed Laid" starring Ed Asner and Jean Smart

"Souvenir of You - New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics"
 a jazz legend's
masterpieces - with Benny Carter & his Big Band!


I was born a performer.  At age 4, dressing up in my mother's evening dresses, I'd lipsinc to jazz singer Dakota Staton records.   Becoming a professional singer was kind of a slam dunk.  I played in clubs, stage musicals, then in studios doing jingles and record back up.   My first album, "Pearl," on London Records was with my brilliantly talented singer/songwriter/harpsichordist sister, Leslie, who wrote the Folger's "best part of wakin' up" jingle.  I went on to sing commercial jingles from Honda to Telecheck to What-A Burger and did record backup for various artists from Linda Ronstadt to Neil Young.  (His "Living With War" session was a most incredible experience!)    Along with the studio work, I sang in a duo with Severin Browne (Jackson's brother), then moved into jazz with the Lou Forestieri Trio.   But I always had a inner call for more... and finally answered it by becoming a professional writer.  I became a writer/producer for television having worked on numerous sitcoms, the best of which was the critically acclaimed "Designing Women".   Through that, I became infatuated with the theater and spent nights at the studio writing plays.  My collection, "About Sex: A Ganglia of Short Plays," was produced at the MET Theatre in L.A., was a finalist at HBO's Comedy Fest, and chosen for the Samuel French One Act Festival in New York.  I eventually moved into screenwriting.  My short film “Waiting for Yvette”, starring Wendie Malick came in third in Logo Networks Click Fest, with audience awards at film festivals around the country.  I then wrote screenplays with the awesomely talented director Thor Freudenthal ("Hotel For Dogs," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"), that are now in development.   I had a joyous time writing a musical, "At the Bistro Garden," with composer David E. Kole, which had a workshop production produced by Lucinda Bridges (Jeff and Beau’s sister) where I played one of the leads. (Check out my VIDEOS page for my big number from the show - "My Ex-Husband gets Married Today".)  My critically acclaimed one-woman show, “Chick Singers," developed at the HBO Workspace, ran at The Cinegrill and Odyssey Theater in LA.   (Excerpts from "Chick Singers" also found on the VIDEOS page.)  Along the way, I've sung on tv shows like ER, Frasier and Grace Under Fire, and at numerous Hollywood fundraising events for some real heavy hitters.   From Johnny Carson to Steven Speilberg to Barbra Streisand... (who reminded me of my sister so I felt a great ease as well as a thrill - and she was so lovely to me!)  My current project as a singer/lyricist marries my writing and singing in my new cd :"Souvenir of You - New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics".  It's been the greatest privilege of my life to be writing lyrics to the tunes of jazz legend Benny Carter - thanks to the support and generosity of Hilma Carter, Benny's widow, and Ed Berger, Benny's biographer and assistant director of the Institute for Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.   I've come full circle and am again working with Lou Forestieri on what we hope will be a cd to make Benny proud.  I'm chomping at the bit with excitement to perform his amazing songs in my new show “Singing Benny Carter”.   

an associate artist at the award-winning Interact Theater Company and member of the Actor’s Studio Playwrights/Directors Unit.  But one ot the things of which I am most proud, is being co-founder (with Rosemary Butler) and director of the The National In Choir, a volunteer holiday choir with a pool of hundreds of singers in the LA area that goes to hospitals, homeless missions and old age homes every December.  For many years as well I've been singing a jazz service monthly at Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles, and at the High Holiday Services at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  I'm very proud to be a cum laude graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University.


SOUVENIR OF YOU - New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics - CD
Available Summer 2010

album on London Records with sister Leslie Pearl, who wrote the long running Folgers Jingle "Best part of waking Up"

GET CLOSER - Linda Ronstadt    LIVING WITH WAR - Neil Young   ALL BY MYSELF - Jack Wagner  
FLASH IN JAPAN - E .Yazawa   (full list on request)


JINGLES - Telecheck, Honda, What-A-Burger, Publix Markets (full list on request)
RECORD BACK UP - Oasis, Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, E. Yazawa, Pia Zadora, Jack Wagner (full list on request) 
CONCERT BACK UP - Kenny Loggins, Roseane Cash, Andrew Gold, Sugarland  
CO FOUNDER/DIRECTOR - (with Rosemary Butler) The National "In" Choir a volunteer holiday choir in Los Angeles
CHICK SINGERS - Critically acclaimed one woman musical, following the lives of six singers, Country, Jazz, Blues, Opera, Church Choir, and a Wannabe... the passion that links them in this funny and touching portrayal of women who've gotta sing.
AT THE BISTRO GARDEN- musical about the ladies who lunch written with Daivid E. Cole.   Book by Deborah Pearl, who also played one of the leads.
CAROLERS on various television shows from ER to Grace Under Fire.
DUO with Severin Browne
TRIO with Severin Browne and Mark Murphy
RAINBOW RADIO ROADSHOW - sequel to "Hair" By James Rado


CD - "Souvenir Of You" New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics 

Doozy Blues
In People Time

Sky Dance
Johnny True
Scattin' Back to Harlem
Again and Again (I Try To Pretend)
It's Wonderland
Song of Long Ago & Ever After (Anniversary Song)
An Elegy In Blue
Sail Away With Me
Sunday Morning Comes
Happy Feet (At the Savoy)
Souvenir Of You

LYRICS - MUSIC by Ian Freebairn-Smith
"I Still Burn for You" 


FILM - writer/producer
Waiting for Yvette - short film starring Wendie Malick, Stephen Tobolowsky.  Directed by Justin Ross 

Waiting For Yvette -  Director Nisha Ganatra - currently seeking funding for feature version
Then Came Logan
What Are Friends For
Romeo and Julian
Eight Supermodels on an Island

(with Director Thor Freudenthal)
The Corporation - in development with Alcon Entertainment
Dead Ever After - in development as a graphic novel

TELEVISION - writer/producer
Thunder Alley
(with Cassandra Clark)
Designing Women (7 episodes)
Head of the Class
Sugar and Spice

Amazing Gracie
Spider Lane

Sound Bite
Incomplete Strangers
Fathers and Sons
My Sister's Keeper
A Jewish Girl's Christmas Miracle
About Sex - a ganglion of short plays

At the Bistro Garden

Sound Bite
Incomplete Strangers
Fathers and Sons
My Sister's Keeper
A Jewish Girl's Christmas Miracle
About Sex - a ganglion of short plays

At the Bistro Garden
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