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for clips from my musical, "At the Bistro Garden" co-written with David Kole... 
And my critically-acclaimed one woman musical, "Chick Singers," where I play six women singers - blues, opera, jazz, pop and country, who all rise and fall by the love and power of music.

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"My Sister's Keeper
with Daryl Hannah and Eileen Brennan... 
"About Sex" with Greg Mullavey, Robin Ryker and Joel Brooks...
"Fathers and Sons" with Ed Asner and Arye Gross...  and Jingles and songs I've recorded, including an album called "Pearl" on London Records with my sister Leslie.

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Deborah Pearl Writer/Director/Lyricist/Singer

"Getting Ed Laid" starring Ed Asner and Jean Smart

"Souvenir of You - New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics"
 a jazz legend's
masterpieces - with Benny Carter & his Big Band!
  "Happy Feet (At the Savoy)"

"... a magnificent collaboration - the world will be kicking up it's heels in sheer deli
ght at this great music. And by the way, you can sing your ass off Baby!"   - Phil Woods

The new words by Ms. Pearl are perfect.  You'll love her singing... What a talent!"
Dan Singer, In Tune International
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My short film
"In Confidence"
is going to the

My play "Invaluable"
in "Women On Time" now running at the Working Stage in Hollywood through May17th 

"Incomplete Strangers"  was a semi-finalist in the
2014 Eugene O'Neil Playwrighting Competition
My musical
"At the Bistro Garden"
Got rave reviews at 
Two Muses Theatre 9-10/14 

West Bloomfield, MI
(Suburb of Detroit)

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* * * * 
Carter show review:
     "Pearl offered an impressive musical introduction to the new body of Carter songs... scatting and hard swinging, she delivered each song with convincing believeability - as a jazz vocalist and as a story teller."
                               - Don Heckman

VIDEO PAGE for more songs from her CD (& others)

I'm a professional singer and writer.  A former jingle singer, recording artist on London Records (with my sister Leslie - writer of the Folger's "Best Part of Waking Up" jingle), writer and performer of my critically-acclaimed one woman show "Chick Singers," backup singer for artists Linda Ronstadt, E Yazawa, Oasis, Neil Young and many more... 

I'm also a ten year veteran of tv comedy writing - most noteably "Designing
  My screenplays and stageplays - to quote the LA Times - "combine humor with heartache."   I hear the music of a character's "voice"...  love the art and craft of telling a larger truth through a personal prism. 

My passion for lyric writing - telling a story in one page instead of a hundred was ignited writing words to the genius music of jazz legend Benny Carter (1907-2003), a great man I knew and loved.  Thanks to his wife, Hilma, my friend and mentor, I've recorded his classic melodies as songs that, hopefully, will continue his legacy for generations to come. 

I hope you enjoy "Souvenir Of you"!
 -- Deborah
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Visit for more info on this legendary man and his music.


"Deborah Pearl's one woman show is a comedic tour de force.  For 90 nonstop minutes, and with astute insight, she manages to capture the public personas and personal lives of eight singers... with a vocal range that covers everything from Broadway to Blues, from Opera to jazz."  
                       - The Hollywood Reporter
"Deborah Pearl is funny, poignant and always in great voice in her one-woman show at the Cinegrill.  Combining humor with heartache, she transitions easily from character to character...  Pearl saves the best for last, performing songs as herself, a "chick singer" with a great voice and sense of humor." 
                                   - LA Times


Souvenir of You"  *Bonus - Full Tracks!

Click on players to preview -

Happy Feet (At The Savoy)*

Wonderland (Isle Of Love)
People Time (Forever Mine) *
Doozy Blues *
Sunday Morning Comes
Scattin' Back To Harlem
Again and Again
(I Try To Pretend)
Anniversary Dance
Johnny True
Sail Away With Me
An Elegy In Blue
Sky Dance For Two
Souvenir Of You

       CD includes BOOKLET with pictures and stories!

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